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Kickstarted: Greedy Wizards

Oooh, my copy of Greedy Wizards has arrived. Backed on Kickstarter a few weeks ago.

What was it?

The eleventh project I backed on Kickstarter was Greedy Wizards, a two-player card game about two wizards who battle over who gets to eat a delicious cake.

How much did I pledge?

£9 – again, one of the higher pledges that I’ve made.

What did I get?

I got the above-pictured copy of the game, which is a special edition only available to backers (although I don’t think the game itself is any different, just the cover) and a pin badge.

The project flew past its original goal of £1750, ultimately raising nearly £8000 – almost four and a half times more than planned. Pleasingly the people behind the project were able to get things going very quickly and so my pack of cards was dispatched within a few weeks of the end of the funding period.

At this point, I would tell you what it’s like to play the game, seeing as I’ve had it for four months now. Indeed, the fact that I had not yet played the game was part of the inspiration for writing this series of blog posts about projects that I have backed on Kickstarter, as by writing about these projects I would force myself to make use of the things I had received in return. And one of the reasons why I backed this particular project was that it was a two-player game that Christine and I could play against each other – games such as Munchkin, which we also own, require a minimum of three players.

But, as you have probably gathered, we haven’t got around to playing it – and this is partly why this blog post is being posted so late on a Sunday night, as I was hoping that we would get time to play it. Alas, things conspired against us and we didn’t get time. On the other hand, when we do get around to playing it, it’ll give me something else to write about.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own copy of Greedy Wizards, then at the moment you’re out of luck. The official web site states that the game will be on general sale, probably on Amazon, ‘soon’, but when that will actually be remains to be seen as it’s not there right now.

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