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Last week was an intense one for me. As well as the funeral and the wedding, I spent two nights in Bristol for work. Christine and I have been planning a trip to Bristol for some time, although in the end I didn’t get to see much of it outside of my work commitments. So we’ll still be planning a trip there sometime.

I’ve also had a couple of late nights at work this week, and seem to have picked up a stomach bug as well. So last night I was in bed before 7pm, and barely noticed when Christine got called into work at midnight, nor when she came back at 2am.

I’m somewhat better now, but very much looking forward to a day of annual leave tomorrow where I have nothing planned. Although should the weather turn nice I may venture outside for a bit.

Consequently I’ve not felt much like blogging anything, nor have I been at home much to do anything computer-related. I’ve (still) got a big backlog of things to read in Pocket to tackle. Hopefully the quiet weekend will let me catch up.

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