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Kickstarted: Doctor Cat Books

Doctor Cat books panelWhat was it?

The tenth project I backed on Kickstarter was Doctor Cat Books. This was a project to take the first two stories from the Doctor Cat comic series and release them as actual, printed books.

How much did I pledge?


What did I get?

I got PDF copies of the first two books, laid out as they would appear in print. This included the comics that are already available on the Doctor Cat web site, plus some bonus content.

The project raised more than double its $8500 goal, so backers who pledged higher amounts also got posters and stickers. The books are still available to buy from the Doctor Cat shop.

I’ve been following Doctor Cat for some time – it’s a weekly comic updated on Fridays, and is now in its third series which isn’t yet available to buy in print. Whilst it’s not the funniest comic out there, I like how each panel is part of a larger story (rather than free-standing comics that don’t fit an overall story arc).

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