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Screenshot of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my initial forays into Blizzard’s new game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, then still in the final beta stages. It’s now been formally released, and with it there came a promotion. Win three competitive games in Hearthstone against other players, and you can unlock the Hearthsteed mount in World of Warcraft.

As I had 96 mounts in WoW, with a special mount being award once you had collected 100, getting another mount was relevant to my interests. All I had to do was win three games against three other players. Challenge accepted.

Until now I’d been playing in ‘practice’ mode, against the computer. I’d managed to unlock four of the nine classes – although the first, the mage class, is unlocked for all accounts, so in reality I’d unlocked three in competitive play. This was the first time I’d actually played against real, unpredictable people, rather than the computer’s artificial intelligence. So surprisingly I won the first game, against someone playing as a rogue. That being said, this win was mostly because the other player left his computer and timed out, so he or she missed a turn and I was able to win, so not the best of victories. But, still, one down and three to go, and I unlocked access to the rogue class in the process.

The next ten or so games didn’t go so well. However, I got to level 10 on the warrior class (which I was primarily using) so I unlocked a powerful weapon, and some enhanced cards. It was only at this point that I realised that you could create your own customised card decks, in doing so removing some of the less useful cards and replacing them with more powerful ones. Once I’d done this, my luck began to improve.

Overall it took just over two hours to get the crucial third win, and unlock the mighty Hearthsteed on my Warcraft characters. Lots of people have the Hearthsteed already so it’s not a rare mount by any means, but it does look good. And it gets me closer to the 100th mount that I need.

I’m enjoying Hearthstone – it’s not a game I would have got into had I not been familiar with the source material (i.e. the hero characters from the Warcraft universe) and the cross-game incentive. But it’s certainly a game that I would consider playing again, when I’m not in the mood for playing World of Warcraft.

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