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Kickstarted: TransParent

What was it?

The ninth project I backed on Kickstarter was TransParent: A Story of Loss in a Community Misunderstood. I backed it upon the recommendation of Anil Dash who mentioned it on Twitter. The project was to fund a documentary film about the life of Shelley “Treasure” Hilliard, who was murdered in Detroit in 2011.

How much did I pledge?

Just $1.

What did I get?

So far, nothing. The Kickstarter was funded at the end of July last year, and almost eight months later there have been no updates (in fact the last update was before the funding deadline). The expected delivery of September 2013 has been and gone.

The project raised well over its $30,000 target and I hope that production is therefore going well, but the backers – some of whom have ponied up over $1000 each – have heard nothing. Whilst my pledge is small, I can’t help but feel that this was a waste of my money, and it makes me a little uncertain about pledging to other projects.

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