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Goat Simulator

Watch the video above. Watched it? Okay, carry on.

The video is for a new game called Goat Simulator, to be released on the 1st April. Originally just some developers from CoffeeStainStudios messing around with the Unreal engine, it has been fleshed out into a real, actual game. You can pre-order it on Steam for $10.

There’s no real plot to the game. You play a goat, and can run around the in-game environment causing trouble. That’s basically it, but it looks hilarious from the video. I suppose it’s like other sandbox games such as Grand Theft Auto, but without misogynistic violence, or any kind of story. It’s a single-player game, so you can’t have multiple goats controlled by multiple people.

Right now the game is Windows-only, but there may be Mac and/or Linux versions if there is the demand for it.

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