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Kickstarted: Code Monkey Save World

Screenshot of the Code Monkey Save World comic in ComixologyWhat was it?

The eighth project I backed on Kickstarter was Code Monkey Save World. The project would see some of Jonathan Coulton’s more popular songs turned into a comic, featuring the major characters from the songs.

How much did I pledge?

I pledged $15 – again, one of my larger pledges.

What did I get?

A digital copy of the completed comic, a digital download of the album which inspired the comics, and some bonus material which isn’t yet available.

I think this video was my first exposure to Jonathan Coulton’s music. JoCo’s use of Creative Commons licensing on his music meant that it was easy and legal to remix his creations, and subsequently Spiffworld made a whole series of music videos for his songs using World of Warcraft machinima. Code Monkey was probably the first one I came across, back in 2006.

As well as Code Monkey, Skullcrusher from Skullcrusher Mountain makes an appearance, against the robots from Chiron Beta Prime. Other characters pop up, but I’ll avoid spoiling it too much for you.

This was also the first time I’d really read a comic book. Yes, I know, that just lost me a few geek points, but comic books have never really been my thing. So once the first episode went live, I signed up for ComiXology and installed the app on my iPad. Backers recently got the fourth and final episode, so I’ve read through all four. It’s not a bad comic, and I enjoyed seeing the familiar characters, but I found it hard to follow at times. In fairness, this tends to be a problem that I have with comics in general and isn’t necessarily specific to this series. The comic looks good though, with several detailed full-page illustrations.

You can purchase the series on ComiXology, with episode four coming soon for non-backers.

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