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A poor attempt at a filler post

For the past seven weeks, I’ve successfully managed to post a new entry to this blog every day. Although sometimes the entries were written in advance, not a day has passed since late January without there being something new up here.

Today, that very nearly didn’t happen.

This week and next week are very busy for me at work – I’ve been working late most nights and I’m in tomorrow as well. Although I had plenty of time at the weekend to write this week’s posts – I write many of my blog posts ahead of time – I didn’t have anything to come up with for today.

So, this is today’s blog post. I suppose it technically counts as a blog post, even if it’s not anything useful or insightful. Tomorrow will be my saved links from Delicious, and Sunday will be a pre-written Kickstarter post as usual. As for Monday – I’ll have to think of something. I’ve got 68 unread articles in Pocket to read so hopefully at least one of those will give me some inspiration.

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