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App of the Week: iBetterCharge

iBetterCharge screenshot

This week’s app is quite a simple one. iBetterCharge is an app for OS X and Windows that sits in your menu bar/notification area, and tells you how much charge your iOS devices have left. If the charge gets low, then you’ll get a notification on your desktop computer as well as your device.

The great thing about iBetterCharge is that it doesn’t require any setting up. As long as your iOS devices are configured to synchronise with iTunes over Wifi, and connected to the same Wifi network as your desktop computer, then iBetterCharge will find them. All devices which run iOS 5 (when Wifi sync was introduced) or better should work – my iPad with iOS 5.1 seems to work fine.

There are a few advanced settings. By default iBetterCharge sets itself to run on startup but you can disable this. The low battery notifications can also be changed – instead of alerting you at 20% power this can be changed to 5, 10 or 50%. You can also choose to be notified when your device is fully charged. Finally, you can also ‘ignore’ devices – should you not be interested in the charge level of your partner’s phone, for example, then you can hide this from the list. The only issue I’ve encountered with the app is that it’s frozen a couple of times, usually when I’ve wanted to synchronise a device with iTunes.

It’s a simple app but a useful one too. Considering how power-hungry smartphones are, keeping an eye on their charge is important.

iBetterCharge is free, and available for both Mac and Windows computers.

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