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Kickstarted: The Cyanide & Happiness Show

What was it?

The seventh project I backed on Kickstarter was The Cyanide & Happiness Show. This was to raise funds for 10-12 minute animated episodes based on the daily comics.

How much did I pledge?

I pledged just $1.

What did I get?

The lowest tier of $1 just got me a thanks on the web site and regular emails about the project. I did consider pledging more and getting some tangible rewards, but the project reached its funding deadline before I’d made my mind up.

This project raised three times its original goal of $250,000, and so as well as producing extra episodes of the show, the makers are also now releasing shorter animated episodes on Thursdays instead of the regular comic. The show does seem to be running behind schedule though – autumn 2013 was supposed to be the target, now they’re coming some time this year.

I read the Cyanide & Happiness comic every day. If you’re like me and are the sort of person who enjoys Cards Against Humanity and other things which would offend people, then you’ll like Cyanide & Happiness. It’s full of crude, silly jokes.

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