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App of the Week: Octonius

Screenshot of OctoniusTwo app of the week posts in as many weeks! I doubt I’ll be able to keep this up for next week, but here’s this week app anyway.

Octonius is designed to solve the problem of having documents stored in multiple cloud storage services, by combining them altogether in one app. It supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and Box, and lets you browse all of them from one consistent interface.

Octonius also intelligently combines your accounts. Whilst you can browse them individually, you can also search all of them simultaneously, using one search form. Its Collections feature lets you bundle documents together, even if they’re stored on different services. So if you have some text documents on Google Drive, some notes in Evernote and some photos in Dropbox that are all needed for one project, you can use Collections to group these together.

The Flow feature shows all of the files or notebooks that have recently changed across your accounts, and gives you quick access to them. Swiping across a file lets you add it to a collection, tag it with a note, share it (either to Evernote, email or copying its URL), or add a reminder. With reminders, you can tag a file with a reminder to occur in the future – for example, a project overview that will notify you to look at it in an hour’s time when you’ve arrived at the office.

If you regularly use multiple cloud storage services, then Octonius is really useful. It doesn’t yet support Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) or Amazon Cloud Drive, and as yet doesn’t support some of the advanced features of the native Dropbox app such as automatic photo uploads.

Octonius is free, and available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. One-off registration is required when you launch the app but there’s no need to set a password.

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