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Kickstarted: VLC for Windows 8

What was it?

The fifth project that I backed on Kickstarter was VLC for the new Windows 8 User Experience, in December 2012. The project’s aim was to create a new version of VLC which would run using the ‘modern’ interface (originally known as Metro) in Windows 8 and Windows RT, and be available to download from the Windows Store.

How much did I pledge?

I pledged £3.

What did I get?

So far, nothing, apart from the usual backer updates that come with every project. The developers were aiming for an April 2013 release, but over nine months later work is still ongoing. Evidently, getting the new application to run in accordance with the Windows Store guidelines has been more difficult than anticipated and has seen rewrites of several parts of the app. Late last month, the developers stated they had re-written the entire audio stack, to prevent crashes. Some screenshots of the beta app are shown above.

However, an official release should be imminent, and when it comes out, backers like me who have donated £3 or more will see their names in the credits.

Although I’m a Mac user, and unlikely to ever use VLC in this way, I still felt it was important to back this project. VLC is open source, and so the work that they do to get VLC running on Windows 8 in the modern interface will help other open source projects.

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