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Kickstarted: Project Godus

What was it?

The fourth project I backed, in December 2012, was Project GODUS, a new ‘god’ game from Peter Molyneux. Molyneux has designed many best-selling games in his career, including Populous, which Godus was to be its spiritual successor.

How much did I pledge?

Just £1 – by now Kickstarter was accepting pledges in pounds sterling as well as US dollars.

What did I get?

Nothing – I didn’t pledge enough for a reward. I mainly pledged because the funding deadline was fast approaching and the project hadn’t met its £450,000 goal at the time. It would have been a shame for a game with so much promise to fail, so I hoped my small contribution would help it along.

Eventually it achieved its goal with two days to go, and by the time the deadline rolled around it had gained some extra money for stretch goals. This means that the game will have enhanced multiplayer modes and a Linux version, although a further stretch goal that would have enabled Ouya support wasn’t met in time.

Godus is due for release later this year, but backers who pledged £15 or more can access the beta on Steam. The beta was released in September.


  1. I was one of the beta backers for Godus (and hence I already have it) and have so far found it to be quite disappointing. It pegs my laptop’s fan quite high (although it doesn’t seem that GPU intensive: it causes my fan noise than Warcraft does), there is a lot of clicking to do anything and it’s just slow… They say it’s only 41% of so complete at this point, but unless there are big improvements I doubt I’ll be playing it when it’s 100% complete (especially now Hearthstone is out – that’s a lot quicker to play, more visually appealing and seems to have an “end goal” whereas Godus doesn’t seem to be either a sandbox or goal-oriented).

  2. I had no idea about this. I was a big fan of Black & White back in the day.