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Cards Against Humanity

Because Christine and I are horrible, morally deficient people (well, sometimes), we’ve bought a copy of Cards Against Humanity. It was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, though not one that I myself had backed.

It’s a simple game. There are black cards, which pose a question or have one or more blanked out words in a statement. And there are white cards, with things or scenarios on them. People take it in turns to choose a black card, and everyone else must come up with a suitably funny/disturbing white card from the ten cards that they have in their hand.

It’s best played with people who are not easily offended, as some of the cards would definitely rub Daily Mail-reading residents of Tunbridge Wells up the wrong way. If, like me, you like somewhat risqué humour, then this is the game for you.

You don’t even have to buy the game if you don’t want to – the cards are free to download, and released under a Creative Commons license so you can remix it if you want to. Some people have created extra cards – Doctor Who fans may like the Cards Against Gallifrey set, for example. Many of them predictably involve Captain Jack Harkness.

We decided to buy it though, which gets you cards printed on proper card paper, in a box with the instructions.

Three official editions exist – the original American edition, and Canadian and British editions, where about 15% of cards have been localised for those audiences. The British edition, for example, includes white cards such as ‘Jimmy Saville’, ‘Madeline McCann’ and ‘Leaked footage of Kate Middleton’s colonoscopy’. Told you it was horrible.

The British Edition is available on Amazon for £20, and may be available elsewhere but probably at a higher price. I’d definitely recommend it, as it’s hilarious, but if playing with friends, make sure they’re okay with it too. Because you probably want to stay friends with them.

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  1. I love this game. My favourite rule is the one that lets you swap a card that you don’t understand, only if you admit that you don’t understand it and ask for an explanation. Cue a rather difficult conversation about what bukkake is! Awesome