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On trying to blog something every day

I’m once again trying to post at least one blog post every day. So far, I’ve kept it up since the 24th January, just under three weeks ago. Years ago, this was much easier and some days would have multiple posts, but things have changed. Facebook and Twitter have come along, and I tend not to post short one paragraph blog posts any more. Generally, I aim to hit 300 words, as apparently that is a good minimum length for a blog post.

Finding time to blog every day is hard, and sometimes impossible. Instead, roughly weekly I ‘binge blog’, where I spend a couple of hours moving all of the ideas for blog posts out of my brain and in to WordPress. I then schedule these posts to appear each day. This post, for example, was actually written yesterday, straight after I posted about Sunday’s films. That way, it appears that I am writing something every day, even if I’m not.

I am to have a ‘buffer’ of several blog posts set up to post in the future. If I don’t have time to write anything, these will get posted as normal. But from time to time something happens and I find something else that’s more timely to write about. Last week’s post about Doctor Who and Me was posted straightaway, as it was about an exhibition which was due to end that week. There was a post queued up for that day, so I just pushed it back to post on another day. Posts such as Gin aren’t really time-specific so these can be pushed back if something more important comes along.

Having weekly features also helps. My ‘Kickstarted’ blog posts, about projects that I’ve backed on Kickstarter, are written weeks in advance. The same used to be true for App of the Week, although I’ve run out of apps to review so this is on hiatus for a while. And on Saturdays I automatically post the links I’ve shared on Delicious, which requires no extra effort on my part.

So, if you’re wanting to post something every day, I’d suggest sitting down to write blog posts in a two hour block each week and then scheduling these. But don’t be afraid to re-schedule posts if something more timely comes along.

Now… to think what to write about in tomorrow’s post…

One Comment

  1. This is similar to how I approach Flickr uploads. I might take 100+ photos some days but only ever upload 5 to Flickr every day. Over time you build up a pool of shots to upload. That way if I go a couple of weeks without using my camera I never run out of pics to upload.

    Of course this means I still have to manually upload them every day. What I really need to do is have a bulk “name and tag” day and then drop all those pics in a directory and have a cron job upload them.

    Hmm, my next code project methinks 😉