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Kickstarted: GameDock


What was it?

The third project I backed was GameDock, a retro gaming dock for iOS devices. It was designed to look like a small Nintendo Entertainment System device, with similar controllers. You would dock your iPhone or iPod Touch into it, and be able to use the controllers to play games. It also had an HDMI port to output to your TV, to effectively turn your iOS device into a gaming console.

How much did I pledge?

Just $1.

What did I get?

A thank you tweet.

I wasn’t really interested in receiving the finished product, as I don’t play many games on my iPhone (mostly Solitaire and Bejeweled), and I’ve never been a console gamer. But it seemed like a good idea, so I decided to pledge a little to them.

The project didn’t appear to go so well. It did get funded – $50,000 was needed and they raised a little more than that. But it was announced a few months before Apple introduced the new Lightning connector with the iPhone 5. Eventually the GameDock shipped to backers about a year later, with a 30-pin connector, but the device doesn’t appear to be available for general sale. So if you didn’t back it, you won’t be able to buy one.

It’s a shame, I suppose, but no different for the problems that every other manufacturer of Apple accessories encountered at the time.

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