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My iTunes pre-ordering experience

iTunes pre-order confirmation

Unlike most blog posts that feature the phrase “My * experience”, this isn’t a rant. In fact, it’s mostly praise for iTunes’ pre-ordering system.

Yesterday, ‘Hydra‘, the sixth studio album by my favourite band Within Temptation, was released in the UK. I’d pre-ordered it several weeks’ ago. Here’s why I was pleased with how it all went:

  1. iTunes detected that I already owned one track on the album, which was the first single ‘Paradise (What About Us?)‘. So it knocked 99p off the price – costing me £9.00 exactly rather than £9.99.
  2. It automatically downloaded the just-released second single from the album, ‘Dangerous‘. At this point, iTunes billed me 99p for this song only.
  3. At 2 minutes past midnight yesterday morning, iTunes emailed me to say that the album was now ready to download. It was at this point that the final balance of £8.01 was charged to my credit card
  4. My iPhone, which was on, charging and connected to Wifi, automatically downloaded the remaining tracks to my music library overnight, so that they were there and ready for me in the morning.
  5. When I booted my Mac up and opened iTunes, the tracks also downloaded.

Of course, this is how things should work, but I was very happy that it did. The only minor hiccup happened after I synchronised my iPhone, which resulted in a few tracks being duplicated. I think this was primarily an issue with iTunes Match, and easily fixed.

As for the album, I’ve had one full listen to it so far. It’s good, but I don’t like it as much as Within Temptation’s previous two albums. There are some good songs on Hydra, but they sound a bit flat when compared to their earlier work. It could just be an issue with the way the album was mastered, I suppose. Either way, Christine and I are off to see them live later this year.

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