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Kickstarted: Theatre is Evil by Amanda Palmer

Track listing of Amanda Palmer's Theatre is Evil

What was it?

The second project I backed, in May 2012, was ‘Theatre is Evil‘, the second studio album by controversial singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer. Though a relatively niche artist, Palmer has a very devoted fan following, and had recently got released from a major label record contract so that she could go it alone.

At this point, the album had been recorded, but she needed $100,000 to promote the album, and arrange a tour. Almost 25,000 people backed it, raising nearly $1.2million.

How much did I pledge?

I pledged just $1.

What did I get?

A digital download of the album, in MP3 format. No, really – in return for my tiny pledge, I got the whole album. And, a PDF of the booklet with lyrics and photographs, and four bonus tracks that were not included on the main release. A pretty good deal, really, as the album is normally £6 to download from iTunes or £12 to buy from Amazon on CD.

At the other end of the scale, 34 people pledged $5000 or more to have Amanda Palmer to play a gig in their house. Because she’s that sort of person.

You see, I really like Amanda Palmer, the person, and the things that she stands for. Alas, her music isn’t really my kind of thing. In fact, I’d never listened to her album after downloading it, and only played it through so that I could review it for this blog post. And, it’s okay, I guess? But not really the sort of music that I would choose to listen to. ‘Grown Men Cry’ was probably my favourite song from the album.

Palmer has done some songs I like – Oasis, a happy little ditty about rape and abortion (I told you she was controversial) is my favourite of hers. And she did a wonderful rant about the Daily Mail at one of her gigs, captured in this not-safe-for-work video. But I’m afraid this album probably won’t be making its way onto my iPhone to listen to regularly.

One Comment

  1. Amanda Palmer is one of those artists that I see people mention and I always think “oh yeah, I should check her out at some point”. So, er, oh yeah I should check her out at some point.