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Kickstarted: Broken Age

Screenshot of Broken Age

What was it?

The first project I backed on Kickstarter was ‘Double Fine Adventure‘, a new adventure game by the game studio Double Fine and led by Tim Schafer, creator of the classic LucasArts games Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. The project was announced in February 2012, and they were looking to raise $400,000 to develop the game; in the end, they raised over $3million. The name of the game was later revealed to be ‘Broken Age’.

How much did I pledge?

I pledged $15, which is the joint-highest I’ve pledged for a Kickstarter project.

What did I get?

For my pledge, I got access to the beta of the game, and would be able to play the full game without any Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions when released.

It took almost two years but a couple of weeks’ ago I finally got access to the beta of the first part of Broken Age, Act 1. Act 2, the other half of the game, will follow later this year. It’s playable through Steam and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux; Android and iOS versions will be released as well.

Broken Age tells the story of two teenagers, living separate lives, but who are both wanting to take control of their own destinies. Like Day of the Tentacle, you can switch between characters at any time – so if you seemingly get stuck on one, you can play the other. Interaction is pretty simple – you can simply click on things to talk to or manipulate them, or drag an item from your inventory to use it.

Limited free time, and a preference for World of Warcraft, has meant that I’ve only played for an hour or so on the game so far (as the screenshot shows, taken fairly early on in the game). But it’s got humour to it, and it looks really nice with hand-drawn graphics. The voice acting includes several celebrities, including Wil Wheaton, Jack Black and Elijah Wood. And I like what I’ve played so far. I look forward to playing more of it.

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