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What your URL shortener says about you

Nowadays we can use a variety of services to shorten long URLs. For example, this post has a long URL ( and a short one ( – the latter being much easier to paste into an email or tweet. But can we read between the lines, and define a hidden meaning from each different URL shortener?

You appreciate the simple things in life. You like to get the job done, without any fuss. No need for fancy additions, just keep it straightforward and easy.

You like a bit more control over your life. You are perhaps a little narcissistic, and want to see that people like what you do. You’re willing to try things that are slightly out of the ordinary and don’t necessarily go with the flow.

You feel that things should be done differently, and your way is better. Brevity is important to you. You like to be able to make things just right.

Social media isn’t just a hobby for you – it’s a job. The things you write about need to ‘resonate’ with an ‘audience’, and you will be measuring ‘engagement’.

You’re an expressive person and find that you need your own unrestricted space to convey your thoughts. You’re not so concerned about who actually reads your writings but you like to have ownership of what you say.

You are a competitive person and want to demonstrate your superior knowledge, or your ability to find relevant content to your chosen career. You may have your own professional brand.

You have found something that works and see no reason to change. You may feel a little left behind in life, and do not feel the need to use the latest technology.

You are a principled person who has ethics and standards. You like to stand out from the crowd and show that you want to make a difference.

You have an open mind, and like to share things that others may find inappropriate or objectionable. You do a lot of web browsing outside of work.

You want to be seen as someone who is pro-active at sharing things, but are sufficiently organised to plan ahead. You are not a spontaneous person. You feel like you have an audience and you want to engage them throughout the day.

You want to be seen to be every where, but you prefer some places more than others.

You are comfortable with your data being held by large corporations for your benefit. You probably use an Android phone.

You are an outgoing person who enjoys meeting people and sharing the latest new bar or restaurant that you’ve been to. You may also be a disgruntled commuter, with passive-aggressive tendencies.


  1. Now what about ? Same as (after all, same dev, same host)?

    How about ?

    • I was wondering how long it would take to point out the ones I’d missed 🙂 . I’m not familiar with those which is why I haven’t included them.

  2. I had to laugh at the one. So true and yep, still working 😉
    There were quite a few there I’d not heard of before.