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Crossposting from WordPress to Google+ with Jetpack

At long last, there is finally an easy way to share posts from WordPress to Google+.

Until now I’ve been using HootSuite, which can share posts from an RSS feed to a Google+ page – my guide for doing so is here, for reference. But that would only post to Google+ Pages, and not to user’s personal profiles. Consequently, I set up a page for my blog, but in the few months since then it has only amassed 11 followers, whereas 166 have my personal profile in their circles.

But now the Jetpack plugin for WordPress has been updated, to version 2.8, which incorporates Google+ sharing. And, crucially, posts can be shared to both personal profiles and pages. I installed it last week, and so I’ve been able to see if it works over the past few days – which it does. Whilst I still get very little traffic from Google+ (I’m convinced that it’s not as popular as Google or its fans say it is), I’m pleased to be able to use a more elegant solution.

Posts will continue to also be published to my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and even Path accounts, even though I never use the latter.

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