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WordPress 3.8 released

Screenshot of WordPress 3.8

Earlier today WordPress 3.8 was released. Though it’s only a point release, it includes major changes to the WordPress Dashboard – the screens used by bloggers to administrate their blogs. It has been completely reskinned, with bigger fonts and brighter colours. Helpfully, the design is now ‘responsive’ and so it can be easily used on small mobile screens.

It’s not a complete re-design of the interface – for the most part, everything is still where it was before in version 3.7. It just looks very, very different. There are also now six colour schemes to choose from, which is good news for those who don’t like blue or grey which were the only two options before. And the font has been changed to Open Sans; I would suggest that regular WordPress users download and install the font on their computers (where possible) as it’s free.

As with any change it’ll take getting used to – particularly as it’s the biggest change to the look and feel of WordPress since version 3.2 from two years ago. I think I like the new look, but I’ll wait to see if it grows on me.

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