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My best shot 2013

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It’s December, and therefore time for Flickr’s Your Best Shot 2013. This will be the fourth year I’ve taken part, and it was a little harder to choose this year. The ten photos above are some of those that I considered, but decided not to pick in the end.

On the whole, I’ve uploaded fewer photos to Flickr this year. I’ve taken plenty, but many have actually been for work rather than as a hobby. I’ve been asked to take photos for events at work for a few years now, but lately these photos have been used for university publicity. In fact, in this latest brochure (warning, large PDF download), four of the photographs in there have been taken by me, on pages 7, 9, 16 and one on page 18.

With this in mind, my favourite photograph was one that I originally took for work:

The JB Priestley Library

This was taken in the university library, which fully re-opened a year ago following refurbishment. We had very few photographs of the library post-refurbishment so I did a small photoshoot. This one didn’t get used, but it’s my favourite from this year. Since I added it to the Your Best Shot group, it’s had an extra 10 favourites from people, so it looks like others agree. Well, a few of them at least. It makes it my most favourited image, just ahead of last year’s which has eight.

Hopefully I’ll take more photos next year. I have a new lens for my Canon EOS 450D, as the autofocus recently stopped working on my existing lens. The new lens is the equivalent from the 600D, and like most of my camera equipment it’s a hand-me-down from my dad.

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  1. All the pictures you posted here are great contenders. But I do love that library shot. Really nicely done. I’d better get mine sorted out soon 😉