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App of the Week: Shopitize

Screenshot of Shopitize app on iOSIn July I reviewed Quidco’s ClickSnap app, and today I’m reviewing a very similar app called Shopitize.

The two apps work in much the same way – earn cashback by buying selected products and then scanning the receipts to show proof of purchase. ClickSnap is linked to the larger QuidCo cashback site, whereas Shopitize seems to operate independently of any other cashback web sites.

Signup is really straightforward – the first time you launch the app, it asks you whether you want to sign in with Facebook, and if so it’ll use iOS’s Facebook integration to set up your account. If not, you can enter your details manually.

Once signed in, the app is quite easy to use. You can browse the offers available, and then when you want to redeem them, you just tap the ‘Redeem Offers’ button. When you redeem, you will be asked a question somewhat related to the product – for me these have included whether I watch X-Factor, or whether I’ve bought any other products in the range. You are then asked to scan the barcode using your phone’s camera, and then to take a photo of the receipt. And hopefully, a few minutes later, it will inform you that it was successful and the money is waiting for you. Once you have earned at least £5, you can withdraw the money, either using PayPal or directly to your bank account using BACS.

I did have a few problems, however. Shopitize didn’t recognise two items from one of my receipts, so I had to submit a claim for these. Thankfully, these were sorted within 24 hours, and not the seven working days that the app said it could take.

Shopitize does have a habit of sending out spam push notifications every now and again, to remind you to use the app. This is rather annoying and I wish the app wouldn’t do so; alas, if you disable push notifications, you won’t be notified of problems like the unrecognised items I mentioned above.

Update (April 2016): Spam push notifications are no longer an issue (and haven’t been for some time), so don’t let this put you off.

Most of the time, the cashback is around 25-50% of the value of the item, but it can be more. Shopitize recently offered £1.20 cashback on a 500ml bottle of Coke Zero, which I bought in Tesco for £1.15. Consequently I was able to get a free bottle of Coke Zero, and 5p profit.

The offers tend to be different to those in Quidco’s app, and also in TopCashback’s app who also offer a similar service. So it’s worth having all three installed to maximise the amount of cashback that you get. That being said, don’t get carried away and buy things that you don’t need or won’t use just because you get some money back – you may end up spending more money than you intended to.

Shopitize is free, and available for iOS and Android.

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