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App of the Week: Airmail

Screenshot of Airmail

After a hiatus of several months (um, July!), it’s time for another instalment of my App of the Week. This week, I’m looking at Airmail, a new email client for Macs.

After Sparrow got bought out by Google last summer, development ceased (bar one small recent update for the iPhone version for iOS 7 compatibility). Sparrow had been my primary choice of email client, after I decided that Thunderbird was overkill for a home user. Earlier this year I changed from Sparrow to Apple’s own Mail app that is built into OS X, after following this guide to customise it.

But now I’ve moved on to Airmail. Like Sparrow, it has a clean and simple interface, support for a unified inbox, and it tries, where possible, to display pictures beside your emails. These can come from your address book, but Airmail also looks for a ‘apple-touch-icon.png’ file on the domain and will display that from time to time, hence the PayPal logo in the screenshot.

As well as supporting IMAP accounts, Airmail will also accept POP3 and even Exchange accounts. It also supports the various IMAP extensions used by Gmail. And like with Sparrow, attachments can be sent using Dropbox as well, although Airmail adds Google Drive, CloudApp and Droplr on top.

Most of all, Airmail seems very fast, light and stable. It opens quickly and doesn’t hang much. And it doesn’t slow your computer down so it’s fine to have running in the background whilst you do other things.

I really like Airmail and I’m happy to have it as my default email client on my Mac. It manages to tread the delicate balance between simplicity and depth of features very well.

Airmail is available on the Mac App Store for a mere £1.49. Bargain.

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