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A Mavericks Missive

No skylarking on platform or trains

Following a week of using OS X Mavericks, here are the minor quirks and issues that I’ve come across in that time:

  • Growl needs to be updated to the latest version, otherwise some notifications will be handled by Notification Centre or missed altogether. There’s an update on the Mac App Store and once installed, it works fine.
  • You will need to uninstall and then re-install VirtualBox. To do this, download the latest version (4.3 at time of writing) and open the .dmg file, then right click the Uninstall script and select Open. Ignore the warning about it being unsigned and continue. Terminal will open and ask for your administrator password – pop this in, and then wait until [Process completed] appears, then quit Terminal. Now you can re-install VirtualBox.
  • BOINC also needs to be re-installed after upgrading to Mavericks, although thankfully you don’t need to uninstall it first.
  • If you back up files using Time Machine, I’d suggest leaving your computer on overnight after upgrading to give it time to do a backup, as it will be larger than usual. Over the past week I’ve been using my Mac for short periods and then shutting down, so it hasn’t had the chance to run. Consequently I had a week without backups.
  • I mentioned this in my previous article, but if you use a Magic Mouse you will need to re-enable left and right swipes. For some reason, upgrading to Mavericks disables this.

So far I seem to be getting slightly better performance overall since upgrading, and in particular slightly better framerates in World of Warcraft. Also, the compressed memory feature seems to be working well. At times, almost 1 GB of memory has been compressed, and usually all four gigabytes are being used to maximise RAM usage and minimise usage of the swap file on my hard disk.

For a free update, I’ve been very impressed by Mavericks so far.

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