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Bits and Bobbins

I haven’t had much chance to post a blog entry lately. Work has been busy – we had Open Days last week – and lots of applications for courses to process. Consequently I’ve been rather tired on evenings and not really had the inspiration to write about anything.

Today I’m on annual leave; despite being quite busy I’ve been mostly been working 4 day weeks of late to use up some of my annual leave entitlement and leftover lieu time. Work will get busier again soon so I’d rather use it whilst we’re mostly quiet (this week being a somewhat unexpected exception). I’m also away for a stag weekend, although as the stag doesn’t know what is going on I can’t elaborate about where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing in case he sees this. For Americans. a ‘stag weekend’ or ‘stag night’ is what we call a ‘bachelor party’ – a celebration shortly before the groom gets married. Mine was last April.

After almost 8 years I’ve finally made it to the Gold Elite tier of IHG Rewards, the loyalty scheme run by the owners of Holiday Inn and other hotel brands. I’m not sure what tangible benefits this gives but I’m staying in one of their hotels in a couple of weeks so I’ll see if I’m treated differently (mostly paid for using points). I don’t use Holiday Inns that often but I earn plenty of bonus points from doing surveys from e-rewards – 8000 extra points this year alone.

And that’s all he wrote. Hopefully more free time will present itself soon and I’ll have some interesting things to say.

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