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Reeder 2 now available

Screenshot of Reeder 2 on iOS 6In the early hours of this morning the long-awaited new version of Reeder went live in the App Store. Reeder used to be a client for Google Reader, until it closed at the end of June; whilst the iPhone app was subsequently updated for Feedly and a couple of other services, the iPad and Mac apps lay dormant. It’s my favoured feed reading app which I reviewed in June last year.

Reeder 2 is a universal app, meaning that it will run on both iPhones and iPads. iPhone users won’t notice major changes but there have been some tweaks to the design which will make it match the new look of iOS 7 when it comes out next week. The colour scheme is now more muted, and uses white and dark grey rather than a cream background.

A nice new feature is that Google Chrome can be used as an external browser as well as Safari. I also found the animation for opening a page in Reeder 2’s own browser a little faster, if less smooth than before.

The minimum iOS requirement has been bumped up to iOS 6.1, so older devices like my first-generation iPad won’t be able to run it. I’ll therefore be sticking with Byline on my iPad, as it still works on iOS 5.

Existing Reeder users will need to pay for this update, as this a new and separate app. This also goes to explain why it is called ‘Reeder 2’ when the most recent iPhone-only version was 3.2 (which is still available). The decision to charge again hasn’t gone down well with some Lifehacker users but it doesn’t bother me; I use Reeder every day and so I’m happy to send some money to the developer to pay for it. It’s currently got 5 stars and is the top paid app in the App Store chart, so I’m obviously not the only one with this opinion.

Reeder 2 costs £2.99 (or $4.99) and as available from the App Store.


  1. Hmm, not sure what I think about this to be honest. On the one hand giving money to the developer is a good thing as it’s an app I use every single day. But buying it a third time knowing I’ll be buying it again a fourth time when the new desktop version comes out gives me pause.

    I dunno I’m sure I’ll just say bugger it and pay for the iPhone upgrade 😉

  2. Animations on the new Reeder get old fast (specially the one on the ”mark all as read”), I’m back to the old one.