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Three months on

Looking towards Halifax

As of Sunday, Christine and I have been married for three months. It feels like longer than that in some ways, and less in others. We’ve not yet chosen the photos for our wedding album but we have received all of the photos from the photographer, and there are some really good ones. We now have to whittle them down from 900 to around 150 of our favourites.

We also haven’t opened many of our wedding presents, but that’s mostly because they’re for when we eventually move house. That’ll hopefully be sometime in the next year but is dependent on us saving up a mortgage deposit. Thankfully we’ve now paid off the last of the outstanding credit card debt from the wedding and honeymoon so we can now start saving.

As many of our friends are also the same age, we’ve been invited to three more weddings over the next 12 months. They’re quite spread out – Nottinghamshire, Hertfordshire and the Lake District – but hopefully at least one of us will be able to drive by then. And I’m looking forward to just being a guest again, and not having to plan a wedding.

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