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Ogden Water and Ovenden Moor Wind Farm

Ogden Water

A week last Friday I took some lieu time off work and went to Ogden Water, a reservoir near Illingworth, to the north of Halifax. Though the reservoir is man-made, with a dam, it became known as a beauty spot in the nineteenth century and is still open as a country park.

As well as an opportunity to take some photographs and take advantage of the very nice weather we’ve had, I also did some geocaching. I haven’t been geocaching much this year – organising a wedding tends to eat up your free time – so this was the first time I’d had the chance in a while. I managed to find 14 caches – not quite a one-day record but pretty good going. There were others that I looked for and didn’t find however.

Ogden Water is a hotspot for caches and there were a number of others that I simply didn’t have time to seek out. I took the longer route around the top of the wooded area, up and onto Ovenden Moor and Thornton Moor, rather than the easier path around the lake. I suppose that means there’s an opportunity to go back and find the rest at another time.

Ovenden Moor Wind Farm

I also took a detour to Ovenden Moor Wind Farm – a set of 18 wind turbines owned by the electricity company e.On. They were some of the first in the area, and are 20 years old this year. I personally don’t have a problem with them and feel that, if anything, they enhance the view rather than damage it. There’s a small viewing area and information display nearby.

Ogden Water is served by an hourly bus service from Halifax bus station, plus other buses call at Illingworth which is about a mile away – handy if, like me, you just missed the hourly bus when coming back. There’s also a car park with an honesty box to help to pay for its upkeep. The land is owned by Yorkshire Water – it is a working reservoir after all – but managed by the local council.

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