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App of the Week: Quidco ClickSnap

Screenshot of Quidco ClickSnapQuidco is one of the UK’s most popular cashback sites, and one of two that I’m a member of – the other being Top CashBack. Quidco has recently launched an app called ClickSnap, which I’ve been using recently.

Until now, cashback web sites have been entirely online affairs. To qualify, you go to the cashback web site, and then click through a referral link to an online retailer and make a purchase. The cashback site then pays you the referral commission generated from that purchase, rather than keeping it for itself.

The ClickSnap app takes this offline, and into real-world bricks and mortar shops. Once you have downloaded the app to your phone and signed in to your Quidco account, it will show you a list of products that have cashback offers available. This can be filtered by store, as not every offer is available everywhere.

The clever bit happens once you have bought the products. Open the ClickSnap app, and then tap the camera button in the top right-hand corner. To prove that you have bought the products, you use your phone’s camera to take photos of the receipt, showing your purchases. The app will allow you to take multiple shots and stitch them together if it has been a particularly large shop.

Once submitted, it usually takes a couple of days for the cashback to appear in your Quidco account. So far, I’ve used it for four purchases, and received cashback for three of them. You can chase up missing cashback after 14 days if you haven’t received it, but it can never be guaranteed that you will get it. Bear this in mind if you buy something just for the potential money back.

Most of the deals in ClickSnap give you money off the product – usually 20-40 pence – but one actually gave you the full cost back as a rebate. So there’s a pack of Hartley’s Raspberry Jelly in our cupboard that effectively cost me nothing, rather than 44p. Some offers require you to buy combinations of products, such as the Coca-Cola and Walls sausages deal in the screenshot. And not all offers are available at all retailers – again, in the screenshot, one of the deals is only redeemable at Sainsbury’s and another at Asda. There is also a limit of how many times you can redeem the offer – usually three or four times.

You will also find that most of the items that are eligible for cashback are branded items. I tend to buy own-brands and usually they’re cheaper than the branded items, even after cashback.

Because of the small amounts, this is unlikely to save you big bucks, but the potential savings may add up over time. And it may make some premium brands more affordable.

ClickSnap is free, and is available on Android and iOS. A Quidco account is required to use it.

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