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100 things

If someone asked you whether you could come up with 100 things about yourself, could you manage it?

This was a challenge I set myself in July 2011. Inspired by some other bloggers, namely Meredith (whose blog is currently offline), I started a list of 100 facts about myself that I thought were interesting. I got to around 60 and then ran out of inspiration.

Anyhow, last week I revisited the list, and managed to make it to 100. It’s actually quite hard to come up with so many facts about yourself which are both interesting and don’t give away too much. I’m quite an open person but there are some things I like to keep private, although that in itself is one of the 100 things listed (number 3).

I’m also quite aware that putting such a thing on the internet where everyone can read it is a risk. Any future employer, private investigator or random-internet-person-who-wants-to-dig-dirt can see it. So things like my job are limited to just one thing (17), and others are kept vague. When putting any personal information on the internet, it’s always best to think about the worst thing that could happen as a result. If that thing is very bad, then it’s probably best to keep it in your head.

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