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These are a few of my favourite IFTTT recipes

IFTTT recipes

Regular readers will know that I love IFTTT. It’s a service that lets you link accounts on various web sites which have an API, and allows you to combine them, using the logic of IF This, Then That (IFTTT). So if something happens on one service (a ‘trigger’), then do this on another service (an ‘action’). This is known as a ‘recipe’.

I’ve currently got 14 recipes enabled. I thought I’d share a few of these with you:

Post Instagram photos to

Instagram, despite its purchase by Facebook, still offers to share your photos with rival social networks – Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare (if you add a location). It doesn’t, however, support So, IFTTT does this for me.

Add new Charlie Brooker columns to Pocket

Charlie Brooker is one of my favourite journalists and broadcasters, and he writes a regular column for The Guardian newspaper. The Guardian kindly provides an RSS feed for each of its columnists, so I can add this to IFTTT, and have each of his articles added to my reading list in Pocket. At least, in theory – since creating this recipe, Charlie hasn’t posted a column so I can’t be sure if it works.

If I’m tagged in a Facebook photo, add it to Dropbox

This was very useful following our wedding. Every time a friend tags me in a picture, IFTTT will save a copy in my Dropbox, in a specific subfolder. That way, I’ve got a permanent copy of the image, even if I’m no longer friends with the person whose photo it is. This recipe will only work for photos that you are tagged in from the point at which you enable the recipe, so to add all of the other photos that you are tagged in, download PhotoGrabber.

Add videos that I’ve saved for later on YouTube to Pocket

YouTube gives all of its users a ‘Watch Later’ playlist, which is useful for when you come across a video that looks interesting but you don’t have time to watch it. IFTTT can duplicate this by taking any videos added to this playlist and saving them to Pocket. That way, I have just one ‘saved for later’ bucket.

Wake Green Day up when September ends

Okay, so this is a silly one. This tweets a link to the video for Green Day’s single Wake Me Up When September Ends, when September ends – i.e. the 1st of October every year. Whilst IFTTT is set up to work with multiple API services, you can also use dates and times as triggers, allowing you to schedule things to happen.

There are other, less interesting recipes that I regularly use – links that I save in Delicious with a certain tag get tweeted to Twitter and, for example.

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