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Not the blog post I was expecting to write

Last weekend I had a couple of really good ideas for blog posts. They weren’t about anything current, but I felt they were interesting and I could write a few hundred words on the subjects. I aim for a minimum of 200 words for blog posts, as WordPress SEO gives me a big red dot if I go under.

So anyway, I had these great ideas at the weekend, and decided that when I had some free time that I would sit down and write these blog posts.

Naturally, when I did actually have some free time, I couldn’t remember what these great ideas where. And I still can’t, several days later. And did I make any notes about what to write in this blog posts? Of course not. So I now have no idea what I was going to write about.

Every device I use, whether it’s my iPhone, iPad or a computer, has access to Evernote, and I also have the WordPress apps for writing short notes in draft to then be expanded into full blog posts when I have the time. So it’s frustrating that I didn’t bother to use these tools.

I will hopefully remember what it was that I wanted to say, or at least come up with something else that is interesting shortly.

If only I had a time machine.

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