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Interesting (non-alcoholic!) cocktails...

  • Saturday was my birthday. Not a big milestone this year, but I now have only 12 months of my twenties left.
  • Having just got married, I didn’t expect to get many presents, but my main gift from my parents were these Logitech speakers for my Mac – link is to Amazon but we bought them in-store from Curry’s PC World for the same price. They’re to replace a pair of speakers that I’ve had for at least 15 years, which came with a long-deceased portable CD player. I’m quite impressed with them and they provide lovely deep bass with the subwoofer.
  • Christine bought me this t-shirt, which is awesome. Fhtagn.
  • We had drinks at The Botanist, which is a great new pub in Leeds, underneath Trinity Leeds. Internally it’s styled like a 1920s potting shed, and does a good range of cocktails (including the two above which were non-alcoholic). Friends of Ham, which is round the corner, is probably still my favourite pub in Leeds – it specialises in beer, ham and cheese, and not much else, but does it all very well.
  • On Friday we saw The Hoosiers in Bradford – they’re one of my favourite bands and we managed to get right up against the barriers, in front of the lead singer. Great gig.
  • Yesterday was a bank holiday in the UK, although unlike the US which also had a public holiday for Memorial Day, ours is just about ‘spring’. I didn’t really do anything much.


  1. Happy to hear your birthday was good one!

  2. Happy belated birthday mate.