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Note: This post is pre-recorded as Neil is on honeymoon.

Last week, announced Domain Verification. In essence, this allows an user to verify the domain listed as their home page on their profile. It’s similar to verified accounts on Twitter, where Twitter will add a blue ‘verified’ badge to official accounts belonging to celebrities or people who are at risk of impersonation.

The difference with Twitter is that anyone who owns their own domain can get verified on This includes people like me, so on my profile I now have a green tick against my homepage URL. Twitter, on the other hand, chooses accounts to be verified and generally you need at least a few thousand followers. With less than 500 followers and my non-celebrity status, it’s unlikely that Twitter would select me to have a verified account. Although they do get it wrong sometimes.

The upshot of my domain verification is that there is a big fat ‘Follow me on’ button on the sidebar, which maintains my verified status. If I remove that, then I’ll revert to being just a regular unverified user. You can, however, go for a more subtle link using the advanced settings when verifying your domain.

On the one hand I think it’s good that allows all of its users to get verified if they want to – even users like me who have a free account. However, users still only number in the tens of thousands and so there are unlikely to be many celebrities around.

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