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Stag weekend


My wedding is now a mere two weeks away, and so it’s time for mine and Christine’s respective stag and hen weekends. All we know is that we’re being picked up at lunchtime and being driven to York, and then some things will happen. And that I need to pack a sleeping bag and pillow.

I did wonder why we refer to them as ‘stag’ and ‘hen’ parties when deer and chickens don’t tend to have relationships with each other. Surely we should have ‘stag’ and ‘doe’ parties? Or ‘hen’ and ‘cockerel’ parties? Although a ‘cock’ party sounds suspiciously like something else so maybe that’s why it didn’t catch on.

We’re getting there with the wedding planning. Most things are paid for now and we’ve made the final arrangements with the venue, registrar and photographer.


  1. If I was there, I’d definitely pour a pint on your head in celebratory congratulations… but, since I’m not, hopefully one of the other stags will tend to it!

  2. Hi, Neil. Just stumbled on your announcement while cleaning my profile up. Congratulations and wishes of happiness are in order, I presume? 😉