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Scheduling future tweets with Twuffer

Screenshot of Twuffer

Twuffer is a simple web site for scheduling tweets – a ‘Twitter buffer’. Sign in with your Twitter account, type in a tweet, select the time and date when you want the tweet to be tweeted to your followers, and then click ‘Schedule Tweet’. Then, on the time and date that you selected, Twuffer will post your tweet.

It’s great for tweeting about things that will happen in the future on a specific day, or at a specific time. You can also cancel scheduled tweets before they are posted if circumstances change.

I’m aware that products like HootSuite include scheduling of messages, however Twuffer doesn’t require signing up for a second user account and is much simpler to use. It also differs to Buffer by allowing you to schedule a tweet at a specific time in the future, whereas Buffer queues up tweets to be posted at regular intervals. Of course, HootSuite and Buffer both support other social networks and not just Twitter.

If you follow me on Twitter you may see a couple of ‘Twuffered’ tweets appearing over the next couple of weeks.

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