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Apple Cider at the Apple Store

This is an advert for ‘Somersby Cider‘, which looks like Carlsberg’s attempt at competing with the likes of Strongbow and Blackthorn. However, the advert is clever as it parodies the experience on product launch day at an Apple Store, and is full of pseudo-computing references. Suffice to say, the advert went viral pretty quickly. It’s also one of the few adverts that I would genuinely want to share with friends and talk to other people about. I do a lot of surveys of TV advertising where the question ‘would you share this with friends?’ is asked, and it’s rare that I see one of this quality. Other advertisers should take note.

Of course, you can probably imagine how the idea behind the advert was formulated – cider, cider is made from apples, Apple Store, bingo!

It also reminds me of the following brilliant sketch performed by Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield for The One Ronnie, broadcast at Christmas 2011. It’s worth watching right through to the end.

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  1. I’ve seen this advert and I was tempted: until the Carlsberg logo came up 🙁