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Trying out

Off into the snowy distance

Thanks to Brad Choate I’ve joined on a month’s free trial., if you remember, is essentially a clone of Twitter, but with no advertising, more liberal API policy and a monthly or yearly fee. It has also just added 10 GB of online storage for each user.

Previously, the reason why I hadn’t joined because of the cost – $5/month, or $3/month if you pay for a year up front ($36). I didn’t want to pay for something to find that no-one was using it and I was paying for nothing. At least with a free trial, I can test the waters and see if it’s worth it.

Co-incidentally, NetBot, which is essentially TweetBot but for, is currently free to download at the moment, so I’m using that as it’s a familiar interface and I like using TweetBot.

I’ll do full reviews of and NetBot at some point in the future. I only signed up this morning and so it would be a bit premature to do give an opinion about it just yet. In the meantime, you can follow me on as @nrturner.

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