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What was your first record?

Last week, the BBC invited its news website readers to submit their memories of the first records that they bought, and yesterday my friend Phil shared his. So it’s probably about time I did.

First album

The first full album I bought was, rather embarrassingly, ‘Psyche‘ by PJ and Duncan AKA, now better known as TV presenters Ant and Dec. It was on cassette, as this was 1994 and before I owned a CD player. I still have it somewhere.

For those of you wanting to reminisce, all of the album’s tracks are on Spotify as part of Ant and Dec’s ‘essential collection’ – which in reality is just all of the songs from their two albums. You can also buy it on Amazon or iTunes.

First single

The first single that I bought was somewhat later in 1997; ‘Perfect Day‘ by Various Artists. This was a cover of Lou Reed’s 1972 song, and features Reed along with a host of other artists in what was originally a corporate video for the BBC; eventually it was released as a charity single for BBC Children In Need.

Whilst the video of this song is on YouTube, the song isn’t on Spotify, nor do any of the popular music download sites offer it for sale either. And I’m not sure where my copy is; a recent rummage through a box of my old CDs at my parents’ house was unfruitful and so I presume it has gone missing. Suffice to say that if you want to buy a copy nowadays you’ll be looking at a second-hand CD from the likes of eBay, although, as over 1 million copies were sold, hopefully they won’t be hard to come by.


  1. No tapes for me – The first album I bought was a CD, and it was Michael Jackson’s History. A couple of years later I bought a few singles at the same time, the likely winner here being Lenny Kravtiz – Fly Away. Lost those singles though, by “lending” them to a friend.

  2. Mine was Adam & The Ants’ Prince Charming on cassette. Many many moons ago.

  3. I can’t believe Perfect Day was released in 1997. I now feel incredibly old.

    For the record, I never really bought music. There’s been very few albums I loved enough to play often enough. I had a library subscription which had an ok but fairly old music collection that went a long way to educating me in many genres, and my first album was a pop compilation which featured this wonderful song