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Last chance to get Windows 8 cheaply

Windows 8 Upgrade Screenshot

If you’re considering an upgrade to Windows 8, I would suggest doing so now. The current offer, which lets you upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for £25, expires on Thursday 31st January, so you’ll need to buy, install and activate Windows 8 in the next few days. You can read a bit about my experience from October last year if you wish.

If you already have Windows 8 Pro, there’s another offer which is about to expire, which is a free copy of Windows 8 Media Center Pack. This will go up in price to $10 on Friday – not a huge increase but not free, either. Enter your email address and Microsoft will send you a product key, but again, you will need to install and activate this no later than the end of this Thursday to qualify.

I’ve been using Windows 8 a little bit, but only as a virtual machine on my Mac. It’s okay, I suppose, although not having a start menu takes a lot of getting used to. It’s definitely designed more for touch-screen devices; using a mouse instead of your finger makes some tasks take longer. To be honest, if you’re happy with Windows 7 and you don’t have a touch-screen computer, I wouldn’t bother upgrading.

(thanks to the head’s up from Ed Bott)

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