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A review of Prollie

Screenshot of ProllieThanks to a post on About Foursquare, I’ve found Prollie, which grades your social media profiles. You connect your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr and LinkedIn, and you receive a grade for each, plus on overall grade.

This grade reflects how effectively you’re using these services – how many connections you have, how often you post updates and so on.

At least, I assume that’s the case. Unfortunately the algorithm Prollie uses is proprietary. On the one hand this prevents people from gaming the system but it also means that Prollie isn’t able to make suggestions for how to improve your grade, which could make it genuinely useful. This is one of my complaints about Klout, with its largely opaque scores; although Prollie doesn’t appear to index your friends’ profiles without their permission, so theoretically it is better from a privacy perspective.

Consequently, Prollie isn’t a whole lot of use once you have your score. You are narcissistically encouraged to share your score with your friends, but that’s just about all of the interactivity that Prollie offers. Its only other feature of note is that you can agree to be included in a searchable index of users with high scores, perhaps to allow people or companies to find influencing users for certain keywords.

Although it has launched with five of the most commonly-used services, there’s no support for Instagram, Flickr or YouTube, where it’s possible to achieve a good following. Hopefully these will be added in a later iteration of the service.

As for my score, I get an overall B+. Foursquare is an A+, but as a superuser and self-confessed Foursquare addict that’s hardly surprising. Twitter is a straight A, and LinkedIn and Facebook are A- – I use them regularly and post to them frequently but I could do with more LinkedIn connections and am somewhat choosy about who I agree to be ‘friends’ with on Facebook. Tumblr is where I, ahem, tumble down, with a C-. I don’t really use Tumblr, other than it being a general linkdump for my activity elsewhere – I don’t think I have many followers, nor do I follow many other tumblogs. Still, it would be nice if Prollie could make a few suggestions to me, so that I could make more effective use of Tumblr.

To me, Prollie could show some promise, but I think it needs some work. I certainly prefer it to Klout. It is early days and at the moment you have to request an invite to join, however, I received my invite within a few hours of signing up so the waiting time isn’t long. Give it a try, but don’t expect too much at this stage.

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