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11 years

Birthday Slice

Today is this blog’s 11th blogiversary – or, 11 years since I first started writing this blog. Obviously it’s not quite as a big a milestone as 10 years was last year, but every year counts. Arguably, of all the things I do or have done, this is the thing that I have done for the longest time without giving it up. I’ve been close to giving up a few times, but, 11 years on, it’s still here.

There have, of course, been changes over the years. In January 2002, I was 17, single, living with my parents in York, at college, a few months away from my A-level exams. Now, in January 2013, I’m 28, engaged, living with my fiancée in Sowerby Bridge, working and a few months away from my wedding. But, some things have stayed the same, and wanting to write a blog is one of those things that hasn’t changed.


  1. Happy blogiversary! I keep thinking about how if I hadn’t deleted my first two blogs, I’d be rapidly approaching my twelfth anniversary instead of my tenth. That’s what I get for not knowing better. 🙂 Hope you hang in there a while longer… it’s getting lonely out there.

  2. Happy Blogiversary mate! Been a reader for years, I hope you continue for many more.