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That’s not me…

My details, apparentlyThe screenshot on the right are apparently my details, at least according to a company called ‘Digite’ who sent me an email a few days ago. This was what I was shown when I requested to ‘unsubscribe’ – even though I would never have subscribed to their emails in the first place.

I’m not a ‘Senior IT Manager’ – my job involves using IT but not managing it – and that’s not my telephone number. A quick Google search suggests that the number actually belongs to the Devon County Football Association – I’ve never been to Devon!

The email in question was for a ‘webinar’ (a what now?) which was introduced thus:

Have you looked at Kanban for software development? Are you concerned it may be too open-ended for delivering value? Does its lack of the time-box bother you?

I have literally no idea what that paragraph actually means.

The thing is, I don’t mind receiving the odd email from PR companies provided that it’s relevant and useful to me. But more often that not, it isn’t.

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