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App of the Week: Delicious for iPhone

Screenshot of the Delicious app for iPhoneA month ago, Delicious launched its first official mobile app, for the iPhone. An unofficial client called Yummy Browser was previously the only native iPhone app available, although I never used it.

The mobile app essentially lets you do everything that you can do on, but optimised for a mobile screen and a little quicker than using an HTML-based web app – although this native app is still a bit on the slow side, in my testing. The app is split into three main screens:

  1. Discover – links that are currently popular with other Delicious users
  2. Network – links saved by people you follow on Delicious
  3. Remember – links that you have saved

‘Remember’ is a rather odd name and I would have thought ‘My Links’ or ‘My Bookmarks’ would have been better.

All screens have a search bar at the top, which isn’t contextual but does split its results between your links, friends’ links and those from other Delicious users. There’s also a tag button next to it, which is contextual and shows you popular tags amongst all Delicious users, the users you follow and your tags depending on the screen.

The ‘Remember’ tab also has a few extra buttons; here, you can access your settings, see who follows you, view suggestions of other users to follow and, most importantly, a button to save a link. You can either type in an URL or copy and paste it from another app or web page.

Clicking links on these three tabs doesn’t immediately take you to the web page, but to an intermediate page with a screenshot of the page, a short excerpt of the text and the tags that you or other Delicious have attached to it. This gives you a chance to save the link to your own bookmarks, or share it by email, Facebook or Twitter.

On the whole I like the app – it’s simple, but lets you do almost everything that you can do on the web site. It is a little slow, as mentioned, and the interface takes a little getting used it – it took me a while to find the button to save a new bookmark as it’s on the third tab and doesn’t stand out very well. Until this point I’d wondered whether the app was merely a ‘read only’ experience to browse, rather than to add links as well.

That being said, I’ve not really used it much since installing it, which was around the same time that it was released. This is mostly because I save links from other apps – Pocket and Reeder – and tend not to browse other peoples’ links very often. If you do, then this carries my recommendation. It’s certainly more functional than the official app of its main rival, Pinboard, and cheaper.

Delicious for iPhone is free, from the App Store. Versions for Android and the iPad are in the works.

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