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Embarrasingly awful public transport videos

I occasionally blog about public transport matters here, and I follow various people on Twitter who have an interest in the subject. So it’s of little surprise that I’ve recently come across not one, but two embarrassingly awful videos from public transport organisations recently.

The first, embedded above, is by Network West Midlands . It’s promoting the use of public transport as an alternative to driving during the festive season. In four years, it has only managed a little over 4000 views, which is surprising, considering how comically bad it is. I hope that not too much of West Midlands taxpayers’ money was spent on this. I found it via Robert Hampton, who also links to another laughably poor, albeit unofficial, video by people working for Greater Anglia trains.

The second is from More Bus, who offer something similar to the Hyperlink services I wrote about recently; leather-seated buses with free wifi. Though not Christmas-themed, it is yet another Gangnam Style parody, albeit with a weird dubstep remix instead of Psy’s original.

I know it’s hard to make public transport look ‘sexy’ at the best of time, but frankly, these videos are just bad.

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