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iTunes 11 issues

Screenshot of iTunes 11 on Mountain LioniTunes 11 has been out for a couple of weeks now. It’s been a controversial update; on the one hand it simplifies what was becoming a bloated and over-complicated app, but some features have also been removed and things moved around. I for one turned the sidebar back on very quickly after upgrading.

Unfortunately there appears to be no shortage of bugs with this new version, which are still present in version 11.0.1 – the latest at time of writing.

Play counts not updating

I’ve no idea why but at some point earlier today iTunes stopped updating the play counts for songs. This, in turn, meant that the ‘Recently Played’ smart playlist would not update either. This is annoying because I have a playlist which specifically plays songs that I haven’t listened to recently, and I found that, on shuffle mode, songs were being repeated within the hour.

It looks to be a bug involving cross-fading of tracks, which I always have enabled. The workaround that I’ve found on Apple Discussions is to disable cross-fading, quit iTunes, re-open it, and then re-enable cross-fading. This seems to work for while, but it won’t bring back your missing playcounts and it’ll happen again after a while. You may wish to disable cross-fading until Apple fix this.

iTunes re-launches when you quit

I’ve no idea why this happens, but iTunes will often re-launch when I quit it. I haven’t found a workaround for this yet.

Album art and iTunes Match songs not being synced to iDevices

I recently decided to clean up my music library using MusicBrainz Picard and CoverScout to find missing cover art. Whilst the new artist, title and album data was synchronised with my iPhone, the new cover art wasn’t.

Also, songs that I’ve ‘upgraded’ using iTunes Match are not being replaced on my iPhone. I’m assuming these two problems would be fixable if I deleted all of the music off my phone and re-loaded it all but I’d rather not.

Only new app purchases are synced to iDevices

This seems like an intentional change on Apple’s part, rather than a bug, but I wish they’d left this alone. Previously, if you downloaded an app update on your iOS device, the next time you synced your device with iTunes, the copy of the app in your iTunes library would also update. This now only happens when you purchase a new app, so iTunes copies of apps will require updating separately. It speeds up the sync process I suppose but it would be nice if Apple would let us have the old behaviour back, even if it’s just an option.

Those are the issues I have found so far. iTunes 11 is a big update so some bugs are expected but I would have hoped that these would have been fixed in the 11.0.1 update. Apparently not.


  1. For me, the new iTunes crashes whenever I search for anything that begins with the letter ‘a’.

  2. I didn’t like the new font or the fact that you could no longer view artwork while in songs view. Ended up restoring from a Time Machine backup to get iTunes 10 back.

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