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150 Great Things about the Underground

Bakerloo at Waterloo Underground Station

A blog that I’ve recently come across is 150 great things about the Underground. Its author is compiling a list of 150 things – architecture, station features, etc. – that make London Underground stand out. It’s linked to the network’s 150th birthday next year, when the first section of the Metropolitan Railway opened between Paddington and Farringdon – now part of the modern-day Metropolitan Line. That said, it’s not an official Transport for London blog, just the musings of someone who appreciates the network for what it is.

Having started earlier this year, the author is up to number 61 at the time of writing – the bridge at Putney which carries the District Line. Whilst many of the interesting features are out in the suburbs, where the primary users are commuters and not tourists like me, there’s a number in central London. Some of which are at stations that I’ve passed through a few times, but never really noticed.

It’s nice to see the Underground celebrated for once; it’s going through a tough time at the moment, as it’s facing its biggest upgrade in its lifetime, with new signalling and trains on many lines and adaptations for wheelchair users at stations, plus the building of Crossrail. I’m looking forward to more articles from this blog.

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