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App of the Week: Pocket for Mac

Screenshot of Pocket for MacYou may remember my review of an app called Read Later from earlier this year, which was an OS X app for reading articles saved to Pocket or Instapaper. The developer of Read Later has now partnered with Pocket to create Pocket for Mac, an improved version of the app primarily for Pocket users.

Pocket for Mac retains most of the features of Read Later, but with some changes to the interface that match Pocket’s iOS apps more closely. One welcome new feature is a bar that appears with any links saved from Twitter, showing the original tweet – sometimes it can be a few days between me saving a link and getting around to read it, so it’s good to have this for context. The new sidebar with links to the articles is also much nicer. It retains the ability to share articles on Twitter, Facebook and other services.

The only downside is that, predictably, Instapaper is no longer supported. Instapaper users can either carry on using Read Later, which is still available but won’t be updated in future, or consider downloading an alternative client such as Words App, which also works with Pocket and Readability.

For Pocket users, this is a solid update and well-worth downloading. It’s free on the Mac App Store.

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